meBlog 0.4

mcgrath.gifEcco la versione 0.4 del meBlog.

Devo decidermi a metterlo sul CVS.

Questa volta ci son davvero tante modifiche e correzioni. Chissà quanti bei nuovi bachi…


- added possibility of disabling comments on specific posts

Admin (almost totally rewritten)
- english interface
- blog contents and blog access statistics unified
- unified config file (now meBlog uses the same config file for weblog and administration)
- better posts’ management
- added comments’ management
- added categories’ management
- added trackback support (outgoing pings)
- added user agents support (exclude bots from statistics)
- added “last 100 clicks” as first page of statistics
- fixed some bugs (references to Mau Blog URLs)
- changed default time filter to 1 week
- better interface

- added trackback support (incoming pings)
- added permalink on post’s title
- added check on “allowed tags” in comments and trackbacks (far to be secure but much better)
- different comment excerpts (uses fancier function to extract some words)
- fixed bug in rss feeds (wrong categories’ names)
- added rss feed for comments
- fixed some javascript errors
- added some configurable label
- fixed bug in sendcomment (disallow empty comments)
- disallowed posts preview with normal url
- added automatic unsubscribe mechanism in comments’ updates
- added permalink in comments’ updates
- removed “back to the post” link in comments’ page

- added table excluded_agents
- added field Titolo to table commenti
- added field Bot to table visite
- added index idx_bot on field Bot to table visite
- added field Comments to table news

- removed directory web/admin/sito
- config file and stylesheet come with suffix “-dist”
- fixed database.sql script to the last version

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  1. Estarnazioni: Edo blog afferma:

    mmmm ora capisco come funziona! quindi …

    Eccoci ancora al beta testing!
    a pochi giorni dal release, ho installato il meBlog 0.4! E’ magnifico, specialmente la parte dell’amministrazione, che ovviamente da “di la’” non si puo’ vedere…

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